NailKale Superfood Base Coat

IMG_0023Nails Inc. has a new nail polish line that boasts the usage of kale to make nails healthy. Everyone in marketing seems to really be banking in on this whole kale fad and I guess nail polish is not immune. However, while eating kale has obvious health benefits, it’s unlikely that it even does anything for nails. The new packaging looks better but I prefer the older one because it isn’t as bulky. All of the nail polish companies are starting to have rectangular or square bottles with an extra top that comes off (like Butter London) which looks nice but isn’t very imaginative. The base coat’s formula is clear and thin. Upon trying this, my nails seemed stronger on the first use. As I continued to use this, my nails turned yellow and started to peel even

more. This is such a disappointment since Nail Inc. usually has high-quality polishes.

TLDR; This base coat is a gimmick.

2/10: Would not buy again.