Bliss Triple Oxygen Facial in a Box

IMG_0068.JPGThis facial kit comes with a Triple Oxygen Facial Mask, Incredipeel Pads, and Exglosion Lotion. The products all work very well together and I woke up with a smooth and refreshed face. My skin did have a slight glow to it. I tried to test each product separately to see if any one of them was more effective than the others but they all seemed to work equally to produce the results. However, if I could only choose one product to continue in the future, I would probably choose the Incredipeel pads because of their glycolyic acid content.The incredipeel pads did not irritate my sensitive skin which was a relief since glycolyic acid pads can do that sometimes. The kit is any easy way to try any of Bliss’ products without having to shell out over $50.


TLDR; Bliss’ Facial in a Box works.

10/10: Would buy again.