Beautyblender Cleanser Solid

IMG_0077.JPGAt first, I was skeptical and didn’t really think the Beautyblender Cleanser Solid would work well to clean brushes and sponges since I had always used liquid brush cleaners.  However, it cleans my white beautyblender sponge really well, taking off any traces of foundation left on it. The cleanser solid left my makeup brushes soft and with a light trace of pine. To clean my brushes, I simply swirled my brush onto the solid with water twice. I think you use less product to clean your makeup tools with a solid instead of a liquid cleanser. The cleanser solid has a light pine scent and comes with a small dish under the soap to drain any excess water. From now on, I will be cleaning my makeup brushes and sponges with this solid.

TLDR; This solid cleanser works well and leaves a light pine scent.

10/10: Would use again.