Formula X: Collaborations

So many brands today are reaching out for collaborations. Collaborations allow brands to add a different dimension to their brand and explore a different look. Forming collaborations with the correct people is a way of showing your target market that you know who the influencers in the industry are and that you’re paying attention to who people in your market follow on their free time.

Recently, Sephora’s Formula X collaboration with Aimee Song and Patrick Starrr have caught my attention. I remember when Formula X first came out at Sephora a few years ago. I was pretty excited to try out the brand. Their pricing is in the mid-price range for nail polish and retails for about $10.50-$14.00. Needless to say, I grabbed a few colors when it first came out. I was sorely disappointed though when I realized that the formula became “goopy” and was difficult to spread on your nail after a few wears. The formula itself was standard and didn’t have more or less staying power compared to other brands that I had tried in the past. So, I ended up abandoning the brand in favor of other ones and didn’t think much about Formula X again until they started doing collaborations.

Collaborations are a good way to make waves about your brand and can help sway naysayers into giving your brand a try. Needless to say, I was tempted to try out Aimee Song’s colors and decided to give the brand another try. I got Mintfluencer, a light pastel mint color. After painting a few coats on my nails, I realized that I can’t pull off mint on my nails because my skin tone is wrong. Even though this purchase didn’t work out for me, I still believe collaborations are an effective way to show your target market that you’re paying attention to what they want.