Uniqlo: Overhyped Asian clothes?

I remember the first time I stepped into a Uniqlo store very clearly. I was doing some after Christmas shopping in Downtown San Francisco and decided to check out their new store. Upon entering, I was met with an uncomfortably warm heat wave generating from the the vast amounts of people inside. There were flocks and flocks of mostly Asian people rummaging through piles of clothing everywhere. The store was a hot mess that had been thorougly picked through. The clothes were plain, basic items and I didn’t understand what the hype was.

Fast forward to almost 2 years later and a new Uniqlo has opened by my house. Because of my first visit I always referred to Uniqlo as “that store with plain clothes that all the Asians go crazy for.” Nevertheless, I decided to venture into Uniqlo again and was greeted by a nice girl and some really bright lights. Uniqlo has some extremely bright, unflattering lighting in their store. It’s as if they want to shock you into looking at all their bright, colorful clothes. I walked past a mirror and was shocked at how pale and ghostly I looked. This time though, there weren’t flocks of Asians fighting over plain looking clothes. I was able to try on a few of their items without too much of a hassle and decided on a jacket and sweatshirt. As I exited the store with my new items, I chuckled to myself because I do have a habit of buying things from stores that I claim to hate. Today, my black Uniqlo sweatshirt is one of my favorites. I have a similar one from Gap but it just doesn’t compare in quality and warmth.

Well Uniqlo, I guess I have changed my mind about you after giving you a second chance. I do secretly still think it’s an over hyped company with plain looking clothes but they’re good quality and have reason prices. I still really wish they would do something about their lighting though because it’s shockingly bright. I’ll revisit them again when I want to stock up on my basics and get blinded by some bright lights.


ChapStick Total Hydration

IMG_0354.JPGI’m a shameless lip balm junkie so I was pretty excited to try the new ChapStick Total Hydration line. I chose the luscious lemon delight flavor. The flavor has a light lemon smell but isn’t too strong so that you taste it on your lips after you put it on. The smell doesn’t linger after application either. There is no color so it shows up clear. My lips feel pretty soft after using this chapstick, even with all the hot, dry wind lately.  I’m tempted to buy the other flavors, but I should probably stop adding to my collection.

TLDR; ChapStick Total Hydration has a light scent and is moisturizing.

10/10: Would buy again.

Beautyblender Cleanser Solid

IMG_0077.JPGAt first, I was skeptical and didn’t really think the Beautyblender Cleanser Solid would work well to clean brushes and sponges since I had always used liquid brush cleaners.  However, it cleans my white beautyblender sponge really well, taking off any traces of foundation left on it. The cleanser solid left my makeup brushes soft and with a light trace of pine. To clean my brushes, I simply swirled my brush onto the solid with water twice. I think you use less product to clean your makeup tools with a solid instead of a liquid cleanser. The cleanser solid has a light pine scent and comes with a small dish under the soap to drain any excess water. From now on, I will be cleaning my makeup brushes and sponges with this solid.

TLDR; This solid cleanser works well and leaves a light pine scent.

10/10: Would use again.

Julep Nail Color in Coco

WP_003017Julep’s nail color in Coco is the perfect Fall color and is on trend with the oxblood nails look. Coco is a deep classic red. The formula itself is shiny and quite opaque after 2 coats. The red isn’t too dark so that it appears black after a few coats. Julep’s formula is high quality and doesn’t chip as quickly as other brands I’ve tried (I’m looking at you, Butter London). The only downside is that the bottle isn’t very big and it retails for $14. I’ve used this a few times and it looks like the bottle is already 1/3 gone.

TLDR; Julep’s Coco has a high quality formula and is a good Fall color.

9/10: Would buy again.

Bliss Triple Oxygen Facial in a Box

IMG_0068.JPGThis facial kit comes with a Triple Oxygen Facial Mask, Incredipeel Pads, and Exglosion Lotion. The products all work very well together and I woke up with a smooth and refreshed face. My skin did have a slight glow to it. I tried to test each product separately to see if any one of them was more effective than the others but they all seemed to work equally to produce the results. However, if I could only choose one product to continue in the future, I would probably choose the Incredipeel pads because of their glycolyic acid content.The incredipeel pads did not irritate my sensitive skin which was a relief since glycolyic acid pads can do that sometimes. The kit is any easy way to try any of Bliss’ products without having to shell out over $50.


TLDR; Bliss’ Facial in a Box works.

10/10: Would buy again.