1. Identify Diabetes Markets

One of my clients sells Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) and dressings. NPWT is used for diabetic patients and can help them save their limbs when diabetic ulcers arise. They wanted us to find ways to drive patients to wound care centers, where they could be treated for diabetic ulcers with NPWT. First, I researched markets that were not currently being targeted by my client. I found new markets to consider on the American Diabetes Association Forum. There, I was able to gain some insight on some possible markets that my client had not considered. I recommended that they pursue Student, Hispanic, and African American populations. I recommended Hispanic and African American markets because they had the highest instances of amputation due to diabetic foot ulcers. Those two minority groups often do not have the resources or knowledge to seek a second opinion after getting a diagnosis. They often get a diagnosis that they must amputate their leg and take that as the final diagnosis instead of seeking a second opinion. I recommended targeting students because I believe it is important to educate people early on in their lives about taking care of their diabetes so they can avoid getting diabetic ulcers. There are different student diabetes organizations on campus that my client could partner with to encourage students to proactively care for their diabetes.